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My name is Mylena, I was born in Italy and I work as a Vocal Coach in the United States, more precisely in the Greater Boston Area and in Beverly, Massachusetts.
I started my career in the voice related world in 1980, in Italy, as a singer in a Youth Church Choir, progressing in my capacity until I reached the big world of recording as a professional singer. I have been working as a Vocal Coach in Italy since 1990 and in 2000 I developed my own teaching method, Inborn Voice.
Throughout my journey I have acquired a wealth of experience, especially performing directly on some of the biggest stages in Europe, and now I am ready to make myself available in the Greater Boston Area, just for you!

For whatever reason that inspired you to look at this website, I am happy to see you here! You will find a lot of useful voice advice whether you are a singer, a speaker or simply someone with voice problems trying to find a definitive solution. Please, have a look around the whole site, because even without knowing so, you have already completed the first step that can bring you to be an even more whole person with more confidence in yourself.

The main element that distinguishes the method of teaching I have personally ideated, is to train the mind to convince itself to express all of your vocal potential. If singing is important to you, you will appreciate the importance of asking for help from someone who understands this aspect of your life. I have helped people at every level, even very famous, to improve their principal instrument for their work: the voice.

Whether you are a young novice singer or someone wanting to advance your professional skill, you have come to the right place because in the world of voice, there is always something new to learn. Everyone has the ability to improve their talent and become a better singer or better speaker. It is with this intention that I can help you.

At present, I work in my personal Studio in Beverly, MA where I teach vocal technique to beginners and professionals. I'm still cooperating with various Music Academies in Italy, in Europe, and even working World Wide with Online support. I can also offer internship throughout the United States and Canada. Please contact me and I will identify the best options we have to work together.

I do work also in some University research study related to the voice and its vibration conntected to the healing process of various symptoms.
If you are searching some one who has a wealth of skill and competence regarding the voice, you can contact me anytime!

This video was my lecture during the Comunication Course of the Universià Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milano, where I was invited to talk about the VOICE as a real skiil to be mastered.

If you download my APP, you will be able to see also the Video Testimonial from My Clients!

If you identify yourself with any one of these problems, then this site can definitely help you:

  • My voice gets softer or lower after singing only a few songs or talking for an hour
  • I would like to understand the reasons for my voice lowering
  • I lose my voice after singing high notes
  • I have inflammation in my vocal cords
  • I have nodules on my vocal cords
  • I don't like my voice
  • My voice sounds too much like a particular famous artist
  • I want to increase my vocal extension
  • I am unsure how to correctly use my diaphragm
  • I want to understand how to breathe from my diaphragm when I sing
  • I'm used to sore throat and voice lowering
  • When I sing I am left often without wind
  • My voice is too feeble
  • I am not able to give strength to my head voice
  • My chest voice seems too weak
  • When I sing I am in a state of tension
  • I don't know how to correctly use a microphone
  • I don't know how to reproduce or interrupt vibrato
  • I need to increase my repertoire
  • I am not able to sing the highest or lowest notes
  • I am not able to sing songs that have fast pace
  • I am not able to communicate the proper emotions
  • I would like to have a personal style
  • I don't know how to interpret a song
  • I am looking for voice lessons
  • I am looking for speech support for my child with down syndrome

Please, contact me via email. I will respond to you as soon as possible, please remember to check your Spam Folder!

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