Vocal cords are not forgiving

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Vocal cords are unique and irreplaceable. It’s very easy to ruin them, and yet when we were born, all of us without exception, we were able to cry at the top of our lungs all day long, for several days in a row. No newborn child is voiceless after crying. You actually learn to use your voice every day, through your ears. It’s enough to get a cold to permanently change your voice, it’s enough to have some earwax in your ears to transform it, it’s enough to live with someone with vocal defects to learn something harmful to the vocal cords. Clearly, even if you take voice training superficially or from an immature teacher, you can develop the same problems.

Sometimes you develop a sick voice that creates problems in everyday life or you end up developing a voice that you do not even like: yet everything you learned has been unconsciously made a reality. You will certainly know some women who speak in a sharp and annoying voice, as well as some men who speak in a dull and monotonous voice. Many of them do not know that it is possible for them to get back a harmonious and pleasant voice once again.

If the vocal cords suffer some damage they cannot be replaced, but it is almost always possible to help them operate in a less traumatic way and sometimes even recover a good part of their original characteristics.

In my work, I have assisted many people to absorb vocal nodules only by teaching them the correct way to use the voice, even after many previous failures. Yet how many singers today undergo vocal cords surgery? There are so many of them that the audience is now led to think that it is a very normal occurrence, a consequence of their job. Yet for millennia artists have always sung, even without a microphone, with daily replicas, and no one has ever had to deal with problems with the vocal cords. There is a whole historical record of all the great singers of the past that reports various pulmonary or stomach problems, but there are very rare cases of problems with the vocal cords. In fact, in ancient times being a singer with vocal problems meant to have ended his/her career and no longer to have a job. At the time, there was no social welfare, no health insurance or no retirement plans: at the time, artists literally sang until the last day of their lives!

This is an extract from by ebook you can download for free!

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