The Vocal Technique - What it is and what it is for

The Vocal Technique - What it is and what it is for

Vocal technique is essential to protect your vocal cords

Few vocal teachers actually teach technique. Many do nothing but make people sing or do vocalizations, and many people think that this is the correct way to learn to sing. In reality, the truth is quite different.

Every individual can benefit from a good vocal technique.

If you come to a class to learn to sing you will realize that even your spoken voice will change, and vice versa. Your voice will become more powerful, stronger, more versatile and flexible. And again, everything is centered on the ear and the vocal system. You don't even need to sing or to speak in order to obtain huge improvements.

Many people are convinced that "one must have talent in order to learn to sing" or that it is possible to sing like a star simply by taking voice lessons. In reality both these convictions are incorrect. Learning the correct vocal technique, you will be able to become and to appear a better person, to speak and sing better than you have ever done. Obviously natural talent and effort can accelerate or modify the time necessary to reach your desired results.

Based on my experience even people considered tone-deaf can learn to sing. According to you, does there exist a person who is tone-deaf? Or can exist a musical instruments that cannot play in tune? In reality, I will never tire myself saying this, there exist forgotten instruments that need to be put back in tune. With our voice is the ear again that can put everything in tune. Therefore for me there do not exist people who are tone-deaf, but rather people with auditory problems that need to learn how to correct them.

The "Vocal technique" is an art that can be mastered only with someone that is capable of listening to the sound produced in order to assess and then intervene in all of the different components that give definition to the sound. The "Vocal technique" in reality is a combination of elements that include having the correct posture, correct breathing, correct diction and many other purely technical elements. But we cannot stop here. Because someone with the most perfect vocal technique can be compared to a violin that is perfectly arranged. It is because these sounds occur because there is a soul to play them and for this part of the work that I distinguish my method from all of the others. Anyone can "play" in a perfect manner if that is all they want. Once they have achieved the correct balance between the ego and the super ego, the work to tackle is not finished to the extent that when, for those who want to advance as an artist, must also examine other factors such as the stage presence, choreography, costume and many many other details which, as I always say, one never ends to learn.

I could add many other technical concepts of voice, but they wouldn't be useful. Therefore I prefer to tell you that this is how it is possible to learn "The" right vocal technique (because there is only one right technique, regardless of who is teaching it), and it is possible to learn bad good things or even worse, to learn incorrect techniques that can take you further away from the right path.

Other advice that I can give you is that when you learn the correct vocal technique, at a certain point, it will change your way of speaking and you will have a "block" typical of an artist in which you will no longer recognize yourselves. In this moment you should never give up because the result is very close.

Finally, I can tell you that vocal technique has nothing to do with other techniques of posture or meditation or other things that one hears or reads around town. The tuning of the voice is something so distinct and unknown that only time and the ear of a good teacher can help you to achieve it.


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