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Resume as Vocal Coach

Here is part of my experience,
accumulated in over 30 years of career:

Experience in the recording studio as a vocalist and speaker:
My voice has been used in many advertising jingles as a speaking voice, as a main vocalist or as a member of a choir. All recordings have been broadcasted to national or local radio/cinema/TV.
I have also been a soloist in many commercial dance songs for the recording industry's Northern European market. Some of my songs have been presented at some of the most prestigious Italian music festivals, including San Remo, gaining favorable mention by artistic directors and composers serving as judges.

Work in a recording studio as a voice director:
I have a range of experience in voice direction both with solo vocalists as well as groups. I work directly in the recording studio, where magic can happens, from taking care of the diction aspect, to the intonation and rhythmic precision. This work is not only for singers but is also well utilized for the creation of audio books and the dubbing of film and animated cartoons.

Experience as a voice teacher:
I teach any musical genre that can be "sung" or "spoken", from classical to easy listening, from British pop to jazz and fusion. I've had students from bass to sopranos. Several of them have successfully published their CDs in Europe and in South America.
I teach singing in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese (as well as minor dialect of them) even to those who do not know the language. I can give my lessons in English, Italian, Spanish, French. I have collaborated with artists across the western world, from the cold of Denmark to the heat of the Dominican Republic.

Experience with Musicals:
My experience with musicals spans from providing artistic direction for the voice component, to the preparation of soloists and choirs, especially when physical involvement is highly required. I am usually responsible for bringing the language of the body (choreography) and the movement of the voice into precise harmony and correlation.
I collaborate actively with different international choreographers as a consultant.

Experience as a singer:
I have a vocal range that extends to nearly four octaves, and I am able to sing opera, jazz, pop, rock and many other genres in between. I have worked as a back-up singer for different live concerts for some of the biggest Italian artists, and have made a number of television appearances as a singer. I have also been a soloist in different gospel choirs, including cooperations with international choirs from the U.S. and Denmark. I had the pleasure of collaborating in the preparation of a television program on gospel choirs. I've had the good fortune of studying vocal direction with Mr. Gospel (H. C. from Denmark)
I have worked for many years in the UK and in Europe and I can sing in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, and upon request, other languages and dialects as well.

I've received a special mention from the Academy of the Festival of San Remo for my vocal timbre, where I was given a diploma in musical interpretation. I am an author and composer regularly recognized and registered with the S.I.A.E., and some of my work has received international recognition from some of the largest recording labels in the industry. I've written songs for various singers that are widely quoted in the field. I've had strong success and received recognition in television, radio, album recording and advertising.
In the field of vocal preparation, I have been well recognized by psychiatrists, physical therapists, neurologists and especially various speech language pathologists and ear, nose and throat specialists.

Editorial experience:
I am currently writing a book about my teaching methodology and how to use the voice. I have also collaborated with various editors as external consultant for translation and adaptation of voice instruction manuals.

Anyone interested in seeing my complete Curriculum Vitae, can contact me directly.

Mylena Vocal Coach

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