Method for singing and speaking better

Method for singing and speaking better

Innovative method of voice teaching

I have developed a method of teaching that combines all my experience as a singer, as a scholar of the phonatory system at 360°, as experts in music therapy and many others Eastern disciplines. Given that all of my attention revolves around the development of the voice of a person (not only for the purpose of singing), in a way in which it becomes their true voice, capable of expressing all of their emotions, I have decided to call my method Inborn Voice®.

No other method focuses on bringing together the individual person, their voice and their personality. This detail is not to be overlooked given how often a "particular " voice is sought out artificially, that is able to grab the public's attention.
This is profoundly incorrect to the extent that it leads you to no longer recognize your own voice, often destroying it (this happens also to professionals, through events that are then within view of everyone!). It is not possible to express emotions if there is no equilibrium and it is not possible to find an inner equilibrium if all of the elements that play a part in their creation (physical, emotional and vocal equilibrium) are not in agreement.
One's natural voice, that which we are born with, is always unique, interesting and full of different shades.

Inborn Voice® is an exclusive method, internationally trademarked, that no other vocal coach can use without their name being listed in the special section of this website. The training to acquire this method, different from other systems, requires the teachers to be continuously brought up to date through courses on a semester basis.

The study of the voice analyzes the phonatory instrument in every single aspect, looking to elevate it to the highest level of mastery and awareness. This area of study includes posture, breathing, diction, articulation and agility of the voice.

Al of the improvements that you can obtain depend more than anything on your effort. Your hopes and prayers cannot bring you any improvements in any aspect of your life, only dedication and effort can forge your character and realize your dreams. You must work hard to develop and effectively maintain your voice; it is not a game.

You don't need to make the mistake in thinking that professional singers haven't every had the need for a singing teacher or that they don't have to continue to practice. There is nothing more wrong about this thinking. Even the most famous artists continue to take lessons, obviously at continuously higher levels because even they don't stop improving. Just listen to their work from the beginning to the most recent and you realize that sometimes who they were before doesn't even seem like the same person.

What I will teach you will be always like how to ride a bicycle. To ride a section of the "Giro d'Italia" it is not enough to only know how to balance on the pedals. The course of study for those who want to learn how to use their voice will bring you to increase the intensity of the sound and amplify the extension, but these are the last steps on a long journey.

Who can benefit from my method of teaching?

  • Any people who want to sing or speak WELL.
  • Singers who want to prepare themselves for their performances, their recordings or their tours.
  • Actors who want to give more emphasis to their recitations.
  • Radio speakers, lawyers, teachers or trainers, salespeople and anyone who uses their voice for work on a daily basis.

Actually there are other teachers being trained to use the Inborn Voice method (in America, Canada and England and Italy), but no one can practice it yet with students or claim it in their own curriculum. If you meet anyone that claims to practice my method or to work with me, contact me and I will take measures.

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