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International Testimonials
  • It was incredible reaching my goal in just 26 lessons!

    Tony Bucci
    Bucci WorldWide, CEO
  • Awesome experience, you must try it! A training that I will never trade for anything else.

    Cinzia Calandrino
  • My voice was fixed in no time, by just correcting my posture!

    Cristina Stavenschi
    Singer, Bucharest, Romania
  • I strongly suggest Mylena to anyone willing to get REAL results! Before trying the Inborn Voice Method I've lost 6 years of useless trainings!

    Barbara Eggerschwiller
    Physiotherapist, Switzerland
  • Mylena is much more thatn a vocal coach. I was trying to fix my voice, a voice that is my income source, but the problem was elsewhere. Mylena was still able to "fix" it!

    Dino Spinella
    Actor, Speaker, Voice Over Artist
  • I've fallen in love with my new voice even after few lessons!

    Monica Dall'Asta
    Employee, Vector SPA
  • Milena has a passion: help the other to truly express themself using the voice.

    Maria Assunta Boschi
    Zurich Insurance Company
  • Milena is empatic and has a wealth of experience to share. I was able to speak in public with no fear and no tension!

    Francesco Lasaponara
    Ministry of the Defense, Italy
  • I was impressed by the seriousness of Mylena's approach to voice teaching. I've developed a stronger voice and now I'm able to perform all the tunes I write without an issue!

    Elena Rimoldi
    Singer, Milano
  • You are an awesome teacher. I was able to reach better results than I was dreaming for!

    Sabrina Marchesin
    Singer, Varese

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