Logopedista per bambini con sindrome di down

Vocal Coach - Voice Teacher

Work with speech language pathology
and problems of language

In the past years, in close collaboration with speech language pathologists, I have adapted my method also to the treatment of disturbances in communication and language for those who have problems of phonation such as nodes on their vocal chords or other symptoms typical of inflamed vocal chords or irritations, or even worse those who have had trauma (or surgical operations). One development for which I am very proud is the possibility of teaching, in collaboration with speech language pathologists, children afflicted with down syndrome, to help them correctly articulate words in a way that makes them more able to be understood by others.

My support looks at accelerating the restoration or rehabilitation of learning speech, which is often slow and laborious, in a way that can resolve problems.

Given the delicacy of each case, whoever of you that is interested in undertaking a speech language pathology route in collaboration with that offered by your speech language pathologist, I will try to put you in contact directly with those who have already had positive experience and who can testify to the efficacy of my method.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiry, I will do my best to help or address you.

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