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International Testimonials
  • It was incredible reaching my goal in just 26 lessons!

    Tony Bucci
    Bucci WorldWide, CEO
  • Awesome experience, you must try it! A training that I will never trade for anything else.

    Cinzia Calandrino
  • My voice was fixed in no time, by just correcting my posture!

    Cristina Stavenschi
    Singer, Bucharest, Romania
  • I strongly suggest Mylena to anyone willing to get REAL results! Before trying the Inborn Voice Method I've lost 6 years of useless trainings!

    Barbara Eggerschwiller
    Physiotherapist, Switzerland
  • Mylena is much more thatn a vocal coach. I was trying to fix my voice, a voice that is my income source, but the problem was elsewhere. Mylena was still able to "fix" it!

    Dino Spinella
    Actor, Speaker, Voice Over Artist
  • I've fallen in love with my new voice even after few lessons!

    Monica Dall'Asta
    Employee, Vector SPA
  • Milena has a passion: help the other to truly express themself using the voice.

    Maria Assunta Boschi
    Zurich Insurance Company
  • Milena is empatic and has a wealth of experience to share. I was able to speak in public with no fear and no tension!

    Francesco Lasaponara
    Ministry of the Defense, Italy
  • I was impressed by the seriousness of Mylena's approach to voice teaching. I've developed a stronger voice and now I'm able to perform all the tunes I write without an issue!

    Elena Rimoldi
    Singer, Milano
  • You are an awesome teacher. I was able to reach better results than I was dreaming for!

    Sabrina Marchesin
    Singer, Varese

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Here is some useful advice for those who work
or have problems with their voices:

Drink a lot of water

The vocal cords need a lot of water. Unfortunately, the water that we drink is not able to touch them directly because the solids and the liquids go down the esophagus and not down the trachea (where our vocal cords reside). Therefore, the only way to moisturize them is from the inside, through the blood flow. The majority of doctors advise everyone to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, preferably away from meal times.

No milk with honey or tea with lemon

Contrary to the old customs of our grandparents, drinks with caffeine (tea contains theine which is very similar) or milk, accelerate the production of phlegm (known as mucus), the first enemy of your vocal cords. Furthermore, hot liquids cause the dilatation of the capillary of the vocal cords and the rest of the vocal apparatus (on the other hand, beverages that are too cold have the opposite effect). Finally lemon and other citrus fruits accelerate the production of saliva and mucus, which is not exactly ideal when you have to sing.

Stop smoking

The smoke from cigarettes passes directly in contact with the vocal cords, drying them out and heating them. If you want to speak or sing for a longer period of time than you are able to while smoking, you will see many advantages when you stop. It takes some time to see the benefits, but it will be worth it!

Learn to breathe more with the diaphragm

It is not too complicated to learn diaphragmatic breathing and it is very beneficial for the whole body. This type of breathing is what is experienced by all newborns and which you yourselves have used in your first year of life. If regrettably you have stopped doing so you can always go back to it. It is enough to do a few and simple daily exercises to do so!

The abdominal muscles must support the body and not the voice

Many people have learned diaphragmatic breathing incorrectly and think that it is all a question of abdominal muscles and so tend to tighten them while they sing. There is nothing more wrong than this, because it blocks the air from freely exiting and impedes your body from resonating. To sing well one must learn to relax almost all of the muscles in the body.

Remember to warm up the voice when necessary

Have you ever seen a runner take off without first warming up the muscles? Learn to warm up the voice before singing or before giving a talk. It is enough to do a few simple exercises that last no more than a few minutes. Some are even silent and discrete.

The breath must always be controlled correctly

The breath that comes from the vocal cords is never random. One must learn to control it because too much breath dries the vocal cords whereas if there is not enough you will end up with a voice that cracks. The majority of people have this problem usually while they speak and will encounter potential problems.

Learn to rest the voice

Learn to leave the voice to rest. Even this is an art to be learned because learning to manage your voice will enable you to maintain your vocal cords in a way where they are more relaxed even while speaking the same number of hours as before. Think that some singers remain in almost total silence in the days before a concert.
Avoid speaking over the voices of others or of loud noises on the street.
When ground noise or the buzz of other people is too high to speak, the ear tends to compensate and if you do not notice this you risk finding yourself yelling without even realizing it.

Avoid clearing the throat

The majority of people are convinced that clearing the throat helps to remove the mucus from the vocal cords. In reality it only moves it higher and gravity then inevitably brings it back down. One must learn other methods to break through the anxiety of performing.

Avoid drinking alcohol or using medical drops that contain alcohol if you have to use the voice

Alcohol base products are vasodilators and therefore make the vocal cords warm up in an erratic manner. In reality right after the effect of the alcohol passes you will find yourself again with cold vocal cords and susceptible to having all sort of problems.

Learning to use the voice does not require talent

When you learn to use your voice you will change the perception that others have of you, even just by speaking. Anyone can learn to sing and to combat the block of stage fright, but musical talent will complete everything, leaving you a person ho will feel special and capable of big things.

Keep a daily journal

If you have problems with your voice, such as lowering of the voice, phlegm in the vocal cords, irritation or inflammation of the vocal cords, or nodules on your vocal cords, don't waste your time looking for remedies because the cause must be pinpointed before anything else. Write down in a diary everything that you eat, drink and what you do and in what environmental context you find yourself in and you will see that it will be easier to diagnose the problem.

The truth about hedge mustard

One of the most obvious signs of ignorance of many voice teachers is found in the advice about the use of hedge mustard, or singer's plant. First of all, you will know that the practical effect of hedge mustard, as an herb, is as a painkiller. Hence it diminishes the sensation of pain, nothing more. This is dangerous for those who are not knowledgeable because they risk pushing their voices so much that they could seriously damage them.
The ingestion of hedge mustard through the mouth cannot in any way touch the vocal cords because they are situated in the respiratory tract and not the digestive tract. In addition their ingestion through the preparation of an extract with an alcoholic base doesn't do anything other than increase the probability of dehydrating the vocal cords, and therefore seriously damaging them.
Therefore, do not believe those who tell you that hedge mustard improves the voice, but rather only those who recommend it for curing inflammation, combined with total silence!

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