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International Testimonials
  • It was incredible reaching my goal in just 26 lessons!

    Tony Bucci
    Bucci WorldWide, CEO
  • Awesome experience, you must try it! A training that I will never trade for anything else.

    Cinzia Calandrino
  • My voice was fixed in no time, by just correcting my posture!

    Cristina Stavenschi
    Singer, Bucharest, Romania
  • I strongly suggest Mylena to anyone willing to get REAL results! Before trying the Inborn Voice Method I've lost 6 years of useless trainings!

    Barbara Eggerschwiller
    Physiotherapist, Switzerland
  • Mylena is much more thatn a vocal coach. I was trying to fix my voice, a voice that is my income source, but the problem was elsewhere. Mylena was still able to "fix" it!

    Dino Spinella
    Actor, Speaker, Voice Over Artist
  • I've fallen in love with my new voice even after few lessons!

    Monica Dall'Asta
    Employee, Vector SPA
  • Milena has a passion: help the other to truly express themself using the voice.

    Maria Assunta Boschi
    Zurich Insurance Company
  • Milena is empatic and has a wealth of experience to share. I was able to speak in public with no fear and no tension!

    Francesco Lasaponara
    Ministry of the Defense, Italy
  • I was impressed by the seriousness of Mylena's approach to voice teaching. I've developed a stronger voice and now I'm able to perform all the tunes I write without an issue!

    Elena Rimoldi
    Singer, Milano
  • You are an awesome teacher. I was able to reach better results than I was dreaming for!

    Sabrina Marchesin
    Singer, Varese

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Flexible Scheduling, no contract required and smart prices!

Innovative Teaching Method
Mylena Vocal Coach teach using her innovative method, called "Inborn Voice".
Take advantage of the opportunity to learn something that can improve your voice and change all your live: open your head, heart and ears to new experiences and become the person you want to be.
As the Teaching Method is totally centered on the uniqueness of every human being, the first five lesson are meant to prepare an exploratory questionnaire so the Vocal Coach can tailor the futures lessons exactly on you.
Each student will receive a personalized training program, conceived to reach his/her specific goals in a short period of time.

Lesson price and lenght:
Lesson price can be as low as 40$.
Lesson lenght can be agreed and tailored to every student needs.
Mylena can offer also Full Immersion Training, al day long.

Student Requirement:
We accept everyone, including the LGBTQ community.
We ask Student to be at least 14 Years Old to attend lesson, but we can always make exceptions! Feel free to ask!
Voice Training for Kids is not recommended to anyone, as you can read in this website, under the technical parts.

Our policies are easy to understand, you will be surprised!
Mylena Vocal Coach does not ask you to sign a contract or to have a impossibile commitment to attend. Whenever is possibile, lessons are scheduled matching your availability, with flexible scheduling. Plus, you have also the opportunity to receive your lesson online whenever you need it, at no additional cost!
Finally we offer also mock-up lessons, just in case you need them!

Privacy Policy:
We take our and your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information.  Any personal information received will be kept private and we ask the student to do the same. We do not sell or redistribute any information. The word of mouth is welcome.

Payement policies:
Each lesson must be fully paid in advance.
We accepts Cash, Checks, Credit Card and PayPal.

Frequency and duration of lesson:
The frequency and the schedule of the lessons is very flexible.
We require only a minimum of a lesson per week.
Every lesson, once agreed, must be respected, expecially the start/end time of each lesson.

Change of schedule Policies:
Lesson schedule can be changed if the student has still mock-up lesson available, but the student must advise Mylena Vocal Coach at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise he/she shall lose the paid lesson. The opportunity to make up lessons is given only to ongoing students that give maximum schedule availability and that are respectful of the teacher. Make-up lessons will be proposed as an additional weekly lesson, they will not replace the minimum weekly lesson.

Mock-up Lesson Policies:
The opportunity to make up lessons is given only to ongoing students that give maximum schedule availability and that are respectful of the teacher. Make-up lessons will be proposed as an additional weekly lesson, they will not replace the minimum weekly lesson.

Missed Lessons and Tardiness:
Missed lessons will not be reimbursed. The student must advise the Vocal Coach as soon as possible, but not after the lesson time. In cases of missed lesson with no notice, the situation of the student will be reevaluated. In case of tardiness the lesson cannot be extended past the regular end time. The missed part of the lesson will not be reimbursed.

If you require more information, schedule now a free meeting in our studio!

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