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Mylena is definitely the most famous Italian vocal coach in the world, with students ranging from the United States to hong Kong.

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We grant everyone the opportunity to start with a first Voice Assessment session. It will not be required to sing to complete the meeting, which will take place online with Mylena Vocal Coach.

She will put all her 30+ years of international experience at your service, something no other Top Vocal Coach offers.

Afterwards, if you desire, you can begin with tailored vocal coaching sessions to address what you identified with Mylena or, if you prefer, with a certified Inborn Voice trainer.

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Hints for self-learning and insights:

  • The Art of keeping a healthy voice
    Free eBook!

    Your vocal health is more important to Mylena than anything else. That's why she chose to make this ebook available for free. Before you start any singing classes, be it in person, in a group or online, perhaps self-taught courses, don't forget to read The art of keeping an healthy voice (retail price 14,99$!)

    The book includes: ● Mylena Vocal Coach's Five Golden Rules ● 28 Practical tips ● 25 Testimonials ●  and much more!

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  • The Way of the Voice
    The latest book by Mylena Vocal Coach

    If you believe that your voice has a hidden power yet, then you might be interested in deepening its expressive abilities by reading Mylena's latest book "The Way of the Voice". In this new book, Mylena explains the fundamentals of her Inborn Voice® method and the secrets of her success.

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  • The Voice Guru - Mylena Vocal Coach

    This book contains 16 life experiences that all have a common starting point: voice training through the Inborn Voice® method. They are all people who sought out Mylena to improve their personal, professional or social communication skills. Women and men of all ages or backgrounds, who by reacquainting themselves with the sounds of their own voice were able to turn their lives around, literally rising from the ashes like a phoenix.

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  • Singing Lessons online over Patreon
    Video Lessons
    acting, dubbing and singing

    Learning to use the voice to express feelings, emotions and ideas has never been easier. Forget useless vocalizations, silly karaoke lessons or outdated exercises. With this new program you can learn together with Mylena and the best in the field. All videos are in English. One more chance to improve your voice!

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  • Singing Lessons on youtube
    The only Vocal Coach
    that does not "makes a fool" on Youtube

    You may have noticed that on Youtube you can only find "fake" Vocal Coach. Unscrupulous people who take the dreams of young ones and exploit them for their personal glory or who just make a fool of some artist's way of singing, without giving constructive or valuable content. Mylena is the first "real" Vocal Coach who creates educational videos without making fun of anyone else.

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  • Vocal Coaching Workshops with Mylena Vocal Coach
    Vocal Coaching Workshops with Mylena Vocal Coach

    If you are curious about Mylena Vocal Coach's work and want to experience her teaching skills without engaging in a personal training, then her Workshops and Retreats are for you. In all major European cities, like Milan, London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

    Contact us to combine the workshop with a study trip!
    By booking in advance you will save time and money!

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