Singing from the balconies

Now that the world is starting again, it makes you wonder how people have had to learn to communicate in new and different ways.
Some have discovered the power of technology and started taking all kinds of lessons online. As a pioneer of this tool, since I’ve been working online with the world for over 10 years, with over 20,000 sessions to my credit, I wasn’t surprised.

But the thing that impressed me the most, and apparently also impressed the rest of the world, reaching incredible numbers on social media, was the desire to communicate and vent their emotions using their voice. It’s nothing new that singing is a good outlet.
Yes, just that singing that started to spread with great success starting from the balconies of many Italian and European cities.

Someone surely had to overcome a bit of shyness or shame, but the need to release the tension inherent in the surrounding silence, so different from the routine of the frenetic previous lives, was able to give the right strength and courage to more or less everyone to go out on their balconies in “company”.

This gesture allowed to get to know each other in a new way among neighbours, with people perhaps never considered before. This is a true testimony of how creativity and necessity torturer the ingenuity, confirming the great and instinctive power of our voice. A renewed desire to use it with intensity and a sense of patriotic union.

Our voice that spreads and amplifies in song is a powerful channel that allows us to transform a moment of loneliness, frustration and surreal captivity into an almost magical moment of rebirth. On my website I often write about the wonderful side effects of singing not only on moments of loneliness, sadness, but also on a physiological level and those who sang on those balconies know what I am referring to.

Those balconies came alive and gave life to the squares just as they did a long time ago. when radio waves or television screens did not yet exist. In fact, popular singing has always had the power to unite and hand down a kind of vibrational DNA even in ancient times when even books did not exist and oral transmission was the only way to hand down virtue and knowledge.

How powerful singing still has today, it never ceases to amaze me! Song on balconies has somehow managed to restore national unity, bringing people together and bringing them back to the essential.
Some have rediscovered the importance of the most essential consumer goods, which are certainly not technological gadgets, but much more powerful comfort goods.
Singing made us feel united like a battalion, made us more human and helped us rediscover the poetry and strength of humanity. I dare say with determination that singing, which must always be done respecting one’s own vocal chords, has put wings on those balconies.

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