The Italian language dialects

The Italian language dialects

Today I happened to see a video of Enrico Brignano, one of my favorite Italian artist, which shows once again how comedians often give out pearls, in this case how the voice can communicate beyond words.

In this video Brignano reviews the whole of Italy, from North to South, indicating with his hand the passage from region to region, and using his voice to recreate the sounds of the many local dialects that characterize our country, all fascinating for the different sounds developed in ancient times to protect themselves from “foreigners” and “invaders”.
This video highlights the potential of the human voice, a rich and wonderful tool.

The elasticity of moving from such different sounds with this speed shows the incredible potential of Brignano’s voice, of his phonatory apparatus so versatile and fundamental for his career and his success.
Obviously any of us can achieve similar results.

Each sound makes us immediately understand the region to which we belong and the identity of the indigenous people, a topic that I explore all over the world with my Workshop “Identity and voice” now in its 4th Italian edition.

Molti di questi artisti sono autodidatti e pensano che

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